Recap: Empty Tomb ’17

The Beauty of Poetry  She's not white, she's not black, she's not mixed race and she's not clothed with a smooth Caramel skin.  She's not built to suit the beautiful girl you see on TV and she's definitely not spending hours at the gym carving out a fashion model from her natural physique and she's … Continue reading Recap: Empty Tomb ’17


Interview with Poet and Writer Elikplim Sabblah

When the strong tides lift and the cables strain, Will your anchor drift or firm remain? From the famous Methodist Hymn "We have an anchor", these are the profound words you'd find glaring at you when you click the link to see his Twitter bio and immediately it tells you what kind of person he … Continue reading Interview with Poet and Writer Elikplim Sabblah

 “Have you tasted Ginger?”  | A Spokenword 

Poem  I love the smoky taste of Chilli pepper and that hot spiciness it leaves on your tongue. I love that magical mixture of cinnamon and nutmeg in a pancake that can take your imagination on a round trip to the playgrounds where you planted your first childhood fantasies. I love to lose my appetite … Continue reading  “Have you tasted Ginger?”  | A Spokenword 

Midnight Love | A Spokenword

It is 3 hours past midnight And all the stores have closed Can't even find water to quench your thirst But love is being sold. At buildings' backs and on street corners, In iron shacks and in night clubs six storey high with purple hazed rooms. Where the atmosphere is electrified by electric cigars. Don't … Continue reading Midnight Love | A Spokenword

Dear Mr. Atheist | A Spokenword

Written to a man who identifies himself as an atheist. Poem Dear Mr. Atheist, I am writing you this letter from the warm bottom of my heart. I hope it finds you well and in the right state of mind for these few things I'm about to share. I hope it finds you in all … Continue reading Dear Mr. Atheist | A Spokenword

Reflections | A Spokenword

​Reflections No. You can't forget me I took you from dustbins labeled 'General Waste' and recycled you into first grade goods and relabeled you. Giving you my name - Israel. You can't forget me. Reflections Like that sheep lost, You were 3000 miles away from the flock But it was me who found you and … Continue reading Reflections | A Spokenword